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News: The Pipeline – MRWA Information bulletin May 2017 Edition

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The Pipeline – MRWA Information bulletin May 2017 Edition


Welcome to the latest edition of “The Pipeline” – the Melbourne Retail Water Agencies (MRWA, including City West Water, South East Water and Yarra Valley Water) Information Bulletin. The Pipeline has been established to provide you with an understanding of current, relevant issues associated with our adopted standards, design and construction practices and any changes evolving through our Industry.

This edition includes the following articles:
•     Designer Accreditation- acceptable level of experience.
•     Sewerage installation training- requirements of construction key personnel.
•     Compliance monitoring of 2016 revisions to water standards.
•     Dual water services- testing and inspection requirements.
•     Non-Standard Sewerage acceptance tests.
•     Updates and clarifications to Sewerage Standards
•     Preferences listed in the Water and Sewerage Standards.
•     Sewerage pipeline embedment materials.
•     Pressure gauge requirements.
•     Amending sewerage design drawings.
•     Ovality Proving tools.
•     Acceptance testing of new sewerage property connections to an existing live sewerage network.
•     Isolation of Sewers.





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